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Curb Your Late Night Sugar Cravings with Our Simple Hacks

Curb Your Late Night Sugar Cravings with Our Simple Hacks

Don’t feel bad, we’re all guilty of it. You’re getting ready to go to bed; maybe you stayed up a little later than usual watching the telly? Suddenly you’re peckish. Next thing you know, you’re in the fridge searching for a snack. Is that so wrong? According to nutritionists, yes. Your body’s internal clock controls the rate at which your digestive system breaks down what you eat, meaning it isn’t breaking down fat as efficiently as it can during the day. So how do you stop the late night hunger pangs? Try some of these hacks below.

Read a Book

Need to take your mind off your tummy? A passive activity like watching television may not be enough of a distraction. Getting stuck into a good book, however, is. Stimulating for your brain, you can forget your fleeting hunger with a literary classic or something new and exciting. Either option is a much healthier exercise for your body than snacking on something sweet.

Brew Some ACV Tonic

If you can’t distract your mind from your tummy, don’t despair. Head to the kitchen instead. No, you’re not giving into your cravings. You’re mixing up a delicious Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) tonic. Not only will it hit the hunger spot, but your body will be better off for it. ACV is rich in tummy boosting prebiotics that cultivates good bacteria in your digestive system. That means healthy digestion and few odd-hour food cravings.

Clean Your Teeth

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Clean your teeth before you settle down to read or watch television, and the fresh mouth feel will kill your appetite fast. Even if your appetite isn’t fully suppressed by the act of brushing, the strong mint taste should deter you from chomping on any other strong flavours.


Do you have a tonic ready to brew? Head to our online store and see which of our totally natural Apple Cider Vinegar supplements is right for you.

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