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4 Signs of a Weak Immune System

4 Signs of a Weak Immune System

There’s no worse feeling when you feel run down and tired all week. But, this may be your body’s way of telling you that you have a weak immune system. If you can’t shake that seasonal allergy, or are just feeling more tired than usual, listen to your gut instinct for these signs to take better care of your gut health. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, don’t freak out – contact your local GP if you feel worse than usual for medical advice.

Dry eyes

If you have a constant, gritty-like feeling in your eye, this can be a sign that something isn’t quite right with your immune system. You may be experiencing reduced vision, redness or pain in your eye that you can’t get rid of. It might sound weird that a dry eye can be linked to your gut health, but your gut is a lot smarter than you may think and is the central pillar for keeping your body in check.


The constant pounding headache may not be from all the noise of the city or your increasing workload. In some cases, this can be a sign that there is inflammation in your immune system. If you’ve tried to get rid of your headache with no luck, contact your local GP.


Your body’s defence mechanisms may be on the road to shut down if you’re experiencing a constant run down feeling. Your muscles might be aching and your mind just won’t kick into gear, it may be time to look at what could be causing you to feel this way.

Mild fever

If your body’s temperature is higher than normal, this can be another sign of a weak immune system. This could be the first signs of a cold or flu, but could also mean your immune system is lower than usual.


There are a range of gut health supplements you can take to keep your health on the right track and to prevent flare ups of your immune system. Our ACV Capsules help to enhance your gut health and once your gut is healthy, the rest of your body should fall into line too. Check them out here.


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